The Definitive Solo Project
featuring Bill Lopez - keyboardist/vocalist/dj/mc
What is The Definitive Solo Project?

Folks often ask me “what is the Definitive Solo Project?”.  I have found it easier to start by explaining what it’s NOT.  It’s not a band, it’s not a disc jockey.  It’s an innovative alternative to both – and so far has been causing smiles, laughter, uncontrollable foot tapping and a term I like to refer to as the GETONUPANDDANCE factor.

The core material for the Definitive Solo Project is the “performance song list”.  These are all of the songs I have been playing/singing for the past 22 years.  The repertoire covers an enormous range of music from jazz standards to classic rock to 60’s/70’s r&b to the pop tunes of today.  There are over 150 songs to choose from, and all are performed with digital backing tracks, which gives the performance a more full, band-like sound.

Next comes the DJ mode.  Virtually any song you wish to hear can be “spun” in DJ mode.  This exciting concept allows me to fade out of singing Frank Sinatra into spinning Patsy Cline.  I could also fade out of singing Barry White into spinning one of today’s hip hop dance tunes.  

Let’s review the excitement!  Your event can consist of 3-8 hours of CONTINUOUS entertainment.  You can experience the spontaneity and showmanship of a live band IN ADDITION TO the nearly limitless repertoire of a disc jockey.  Combine these two elements with the GETONUPANDDANCE factor, and your party will be a HIT with everyone!

The Definitive Solo Project can entertain crowds from 30 to 500.  I use a mix of state of the art equipment and backup systems are inline, so there is no chance of your event getting interrupted.  For crowds larger than 500, or larger outdoor events, I can choose from several different sound/lighting companies to provide any additional equipment.

The Definitive Solo Project is all about providing exceptional, personalized, cost effective, innovative entertainment for your event.  For me it’s all about making people happy with music!