A Lifetime of Music
I started playing keyboards in 1980 at age 12.  That summer my parents and I visited my grandparents in Toledo, Ohio, and I spent much of the trip playing an old Hammond organ they had sitting in the living room.  My grandparents picked up on my interest right away, and offered for my parents to take it back home to Connecticut.  Fortunately for my sake, my parents were crazy enough to tow it all the way back on a u-haul trailer.  Thanks Mom & Dad!
I began organ lessons with University of Bridgeport graduate Kurtis Innacco.  The course of study was a mix of jazz, pop and classical.  In 1984 I discovered piano and keyboards.  That same year Kurt offered me his spot in a local wedding band.  My first gig was at a place called Barnaby’s in Bridgeport.  Many thanks to Kurt and the Mariconda family for making a 16 year old feel like a rock star!
In the late 1980’s I joined a spin off group called Pizazz.  It was this trio that landed me with my good friends Brian Butler (drums) and Dick Neal (guitar).  We played a mix of jazz, easy listening and dance music, every weekend for one year straight at the old Park Plaza Hotel in New Haven.  This whole experience forced me to take a stab at singing, playing keyboard bass and learning a couple of hundred tunes.  Thanks for the opportunity fellas!
Somewhere around 1990 I started playing with The Solid Gold Dance Band.  This band did a mix of Motown, R&B, Top 40 and Classic Dance music.  I had the good fortune of playing with fellow keyboardist Jamie Walz.  While I never formally studied with him, his tips and tricks are still with me to this day.  Thanks Jamie!
In 1992 I had the pleasure of playing aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines with jazz great Dave Dana.  While I am not a jazz monster by any means, the fact that I survived the gig was a compliment.  Many thanks!
In the mid 1990’s I began discovering my calling with an R&B band called Blue Plate Special.  We performed a mix of Blues, R&B, Soul and Funk.  I started performing tunes from artists such as Stevie Wonder, B.B. King, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers.  My love for this music continues to this day.
In 1994 I founded The Definitive Soul Project.  We took the old school R&B concept to new levels by infusing Jazz, Rock and Latin grooves.  The “project” allowed me to play with many great musicians such as Jim Coppola, Jim Balga, Pete Szymanski, Frank Demaio, Ron Nihoff, Butch Taylor, Dave Jayne, Gary Ciuci, Bobby Peters, Joe Meo, Brian Ready, Keith Richards, Frank Sambiase and more recently Doug Bernstein, Jordan West and Ace Holleran.  These cats all brought a wealth of experience to the “show” and I feel privileged to have set foot on the stage with them!
Currently I am working a great deal solo (The Definitive Solo Project).  I have taken all of the “band” experience, combined it with the incredible dj talents of folks such as Jason Ebert of CT Party Pros, and created an act that I find truly exciting.  In addition, I’ve teamed up with The Butch Taylor Band as vocalist, keyboardist and dj.  Please check out my links page for more information on the people who inspire me.
I feel blessed to not only make a living performing, but also making people happy through music.  I would like to thank all of those who have made and continue to make this possible.  And to my parents - thanks much for your love and support - and for hauling that organ all the way home from Toledo!
May the song never end!